Thursday, September 18, 2014

Old Maid

The last two days we have been playing a lot of Old Maid. A LOT. Obviously Jace doesn't know how to play, but he is happy to sit beside me and hold the pairs that I pass him. He calls every stack of cards he holds "three dollars" and thinks that getting the Old Maid is super exciting. Maizey giggles the whole time, I think she feels like she's pulling a fast one on him since he likes getting the Old Maid. Last night after dinner, they sat at the kitchen table and she tried to teach him how to actually play and I listened with one ear while doing the dishes. She is so patient, it kills me. If only I had a fraction of that patience. Every time she told him to pick a card from her hand he asked her to point out which one was the Old Maid. She would giggle and tell him she couldn't say and that he had to just pick one. He was a bit let down every time he didn't get it and very excited when he finally did. The game fell apart after a few short minutes and the cards were left scattered all over the table and floor. Still listening with one ear, Jace followed Maizey around the house with the Old Maid in his hand telling Maizey that he "loves the Old Maid" and "She not a super spooky bitch. She a nice bitch" . I was suddenly listening with both ears! Um, what the??? Oh, you mean WITCH??
I didn't correct him, he has a habit of saying the word you don't want him to say, even more when you tell him not to. Plus, I know he was just making a mistake and he really does know the word is WITCH.
I laughed and laughed, quietly to myself.

Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Preschool Time For Jace

Today was Jaces first day of preschool. If you know Jace, you know that at any given second he can be excited about something or 100% against it - no matter how exciting it is. The lead up to today has been exactly that - one minute he is so excited to go, the next he is arguing that he isn't ever going and that its only Deken that is going actually. So I wasn't exactly sure how today was going to go.
Him and I argued for almost the whole two hours we were up this morning before we had to leave for school. About everything. Breakfast, clothes, shoes, tv.... you name it, we argued about it. I kept silently reminding myself that soon, very soon, I was going to get a break from him and the arguing. We got out the door and to the school on time. He marched ahead of Maizey and me to the door and I had to call him back outside to take a picture.

This morning, at that moment, he was sooo excited. Walking down the hall to his class he started to get a bit nervous and reached for my hand, which has happened exactly zero times in his whole life. He was suddenly nervous, I felt it in his grip. I happily obliged to the hand holding. We hung up his sweater and backpack, showed him the bathroom and then he sat down at the play dough table. I took a few pictures and we said goodbye.

He barely even looked at us. We walked out the door and my eyes filled with tears. My baby is old enough for preschool. It kills me. I held the tears in until the truck and then I couldn't stop them. I'm inclined to blame my ridiculous pregnant hormones. I wondered aloud why I was crying when all I wanted all morning was a break from him. He can be such a little shit and he yells at me ALL. THE. TIME. but really, no matter how crazy he makes me, I am going to miss him. My Buddy, it's going to be so quiet and so much less messy when he isn't home all morning, it's hard for me to imagine it.

He was exhausted when we picked him. He was pretty chatty and filled us in on what he did. He's going to like school and eventually, I'm going to like dropping him off there.
Happy 1st day of school, Buddy. Can't wait for you to start bring home messy art projects and hand made Mothers Day cards.

Friday, August 29, 2014


Dear Maizey,

I love that you are five years old. You have been anxiously awaiting this big year for months and I am so excited for you to get to say that you are five now.
I also can't believe that you are five years old.
I also want to freeze time and make you stay this age forever.

You start kindergarten next week (maybe. as long as the teachers aren't on strike anymore) and that blows my mind. What will my day be like with you gone six hours of it? And five days a week? I can't even guess how much I will miss you, but I know it will be a lot. You are soooo excited to start school - particularly to pack a lunch and get to be in the same classroom as Peyton was in last year. I know you are ready for this huge milestone, to step out of the comfort zone of the friends that you have and the people you know and meet new ones, the ones that you decide you want in your life, rather than the ones that we have placed in your life for you. You have been doing so much practicing to get ready for this, practice writing all the words you know, sitting at "desks", reading, packing lunches. I am promising you right now that I will be a weepy mess on that first day, but it's just because I will miss you and I am thinking about how it will affect ME. I KNOW it's going to be fantastic for you and I just can't wait to watch you thrive once you get there.

You cannot wait to be a big sister again. We talk about it all the time, all the things you are going to help with (getting diapers and snuggling the baby are at the top of your list) and how great of a big sister you are going to be to this baby. When we discuss possible names, you are definitely part of the discussion and while we don't always agree with the names you come up with, we give you the most points for creativity. Snow and Princess Magical Sparkle are two of your favorites to mention. We are going to pass on them, but thanks for your help! You remember what it was like when Buddy was born and Nannie brought you to the hospital and we talk about what that was like, all the time. You are curious as to whether it will be like that again, who will bring you, what will Jace be like, what will the baby look like, will you get to hold him/her? You are really hoping for a girl and I know that is just because you want to dress her up in pretty clothes, because that is your favorite thing to do. I am so excited to get to watch you do this all over again, you were wonderful to Buddy and I know you will be just as wonderful to the new little one.

You still LOVE dresses and dressing up. We cannot keep up with how many dresses you need... there is no reason (in your mind) to ever wear anything but. Today, you changed out of four different dresses throughout the day. Also, you would really rather if I wore dresses every day as well. Ahem. We could not be more different when it comes to this.

A few of your current favorite things - riding your bike, chewing gum, playing office, drawing pictures of our family, making check lists, picking the neighbors berries and having tea parties. Also, planning fake are always asking me to help you make decorations and send out invites and it always take a looooot of convincing that the party is fake and that we aren't actually inviting anyone. It's not always easy for you to get that part. If this keeps up, one day you are going to be such a good host.

There are very few words that you mess up anymore and to me, that is one of the saddest parts of you growing up. I miss the days of efelant (elephant) and too-traws (chopsticks). You are very communicative and most of the time use nice words and polite phrasing to tell us (and your friends) what you want and how you are feeling. Even to Jace and he is sometimes the furthest thing from nice to you, yet you still talk so nicely to him. I hope this is something you will hold on to forever, but I am not naive enough to think that when you develop a bad attitude, that the politeness will stick around, but still... I can hope!

We asked you today if you wanted to go pick out a flower all for yourself at the flower shop and you were super excited to go. On the way there we were discussing what kind to get and you could not settle on just one. So you chose a daisy, a sunflower and a dandelion. I explained that dandelions are weeds and don't come from the flower store so you changed your mind to a red rose because "I just can't believe I have never seen a real red rose in real life before". The girls at the flower shop made you up the sweetest little vase with a light pink daisy, a small sunflower (your choice) and a real red rose, which sat on the coffee table while we ate our sushi for dinner and watched Hercules - your choice for dinner and your choice for the movie. You were feeling pretty grown up I think, and I'm not gonna lie, I was feeling the same. *sniff sniff*

Um, today - we went to the park and you did the monkey bars. The whole thing. You were on them by yourself and when we noticed you were doing it, Dad ran over to try and get it on video, so we caught part of your first time across. We are so proud of you. They aren't easy and way to go on being brave enough to take that big step and trust your strength to take one hand off and get started.

Four years old has been a great age for you. You have been incredibly helpful, you rarely get in trouble, you do everything by yourself and with very little direction. You are a great eater and you go to bed super easy. You have really thrived as a four year old. You are still one of the sweetest, kindest and most honest little girls that I know. I love your easy going attitude and your adventurous heart. I am looking forward to the great things you are going to do and the even more amazing little person you are going to become this coming year.

Some days I wish I could just follow you around videoing everything you do. These moments and days are so fleeting and you are changing to much, I don't want to forget any of this, yet it is impossible to keep up. Your mannerisms, the hilarious things you say, your crazy bed head and your smile with the now crooked little bottom teeth. I want to remember all of it. I don't know how we got so lucky to be your parents, but we are thankful every day that we get to be.

I am so looking forward to the amazing year we have ahead of us.
We love you, baby girl, Missy, Meem. SO much.

Mom and Dad