Monday, April 14, 2014

Totally Random Stories From A Few Busy Weeks

A few nights ago, long after both kids had been tucked in and our house was peacefully quiet, Jace came running upstairs sobbing. He was borderline hysterical, trying to tell me what had happened but the only word I could understand was Maizey. I took him back down and learned that Maizey had eaten his entire pretend popsicle off the colored popsicle stick he had taken from the craft drawer, rather than the one bite he had told her she could have. THE OUTRAGE. In that moment, he was sure he had the worst sister in the world. It took a lot to come down off that kind of blatant disregard for the fact that HE wanted a few bites of his fake popsicle.

Not many days before that, out of nowhere at lunch, Maizey was suddenly furious at me. Apparently, I had left her to swim all by herself, in the ocean at the skating rink and there was A LIZARD in the ocean, and I *know* she can't swim and that she is not so fond of lizards and she was asking me to help her and I just wouldn't and how could I be so freaking mean??? Naturally, I did not have a sniff what she was talking about. I mean, an ocean at the skating rink? We don't even have one of those. Anyways, after a bit of digging, it was in fact a dream slash nightmare she had had the night before and she was pissed. And given the right circumstance even now, she will bring it up and remind me just how not cool that was of me.

Jace started spitting. It's gross and I have no idea where he learned it. He spits on things, at things, in things. On us. On the floor. Everywhere. It's not funny and after many weeks of warnings and unsuccessful attempts at getting him to stop, I told him I would put hot sauce on his tongue if he did it again. Literally 15 minutes later he spit on the kitchen floor while waiting for me to cut up his kiwi. I put a drop of tabasco on my finger, he willingly stuck out his tongue and I wiped it on. Ohhhh did he cry. I *almost* felt bad, but then I got over it, because OMG stop spitting JACE!!! We'll see if he learned his lesson... my guess is no (he's *awesome* like that) - but time will tell.

The kids were fighting over an empty plastic bucket. Maizey had it, Jace wanted it - there was running and yelling and trying to hide with it when, as can be expected, someone got hit in the face and there was a bleeding nose. The bleeder was Jace. Maizey came running to tell me and rather than just saying "Hey, I accidentally hit Jace in the face and now he has a bleeding nose" she went with "I knew this was a bad day for us to choose for Dad to go to work, because I wanted the bucket and Jace tried to get it and then he got hit in the face and now he is bleeding and if Dad was home this totally wouldn't have happened, I just know it" . Way to take responsibility for your actions Maizey  *slow cap*. Also, doesn't she know we don't "choose" when he goes to work? The assholes at CP Rail choose that, thats why it's always such unfortunate timing.

Things have been pretty much non-stop around here for weeks now. It's hectic and great to be actually busy, not waiting for the weather to get better and crying over the fact that it was still snowing well into March. Everyone is happy to be out of snow suits and boots and into runners and onto bikes instead. As seen above, no moments seem to be dull. 

Monday, March 10, 2014

Jace Never Stops. It's Exhausting For Everyone

Jace never stops moving. Running, jumping, climbing, rolling, investigating, climbing on one of us, rolling on one of us, rolling on his sister, climbing on his sister. It never stops. Our friend Alicia was here for coffee this weekend and after watching him not stop moving for an hour she remarked at how exhausting it was just watching him move that much. He never slows down, he barely stops to eat - he would prefer to eat on the run if that were permitted. This is the #1 reason he still gets strapped into the booster seat at the table to eat - he would never sit still long enough to get through a meal. Bath's are a nightmare - he's in and out and up and down a million times in the tub. It's just so much easier to bring him in the shower.
After the monster incident, bed times got easier. He has stayed in bed, calmed himself down and put himself to sleep almost every night since then. Nap times weren't going well, so I started laying down with him. If nothing else, I thought I could at least stop him from actually getting out of bed and coming upstairs and eventually maybe somehow entice him to close his eyes and go to sleep. It is the craziest thing, to watch him finally slow down enough to fall asleep. He is climbing on me, hiding under the blanket from the Puma that is sure to come, he's sitting up, laying down, sitting up, laying down, sitting up, standing up, back flopping, sitting up, turning sideways, trying to snuggle, trying to get away from the snuggle, hiding his head under the pillow, hiding one more time under the blanket from the Puma, then he is suddenly sleeping. It takes at least a half an hour before he will lay still for, at the most, one minute, and then he is asleep. It takes so much for him to slow down, calm down and relax, but when he finally does, he is so tired he can't last more than one minute. It's wild to watch.
Pretty much the only time we see him be still is in his carseat, or when he is really interested in a tv show or movie. Which seems to be few and far between right now - he is incredibly picky about what he watches these days and rarely has the attention span to sit through it anyways.

he was a wee bit under the weather this morning. so sad to see him laying on the couch, so out of sorts. 

Laying with him while he naps has actually worked out well for me. I get to see him be still. I have time to notice the little dimples on his knuckles and how long his eyelashes really are. I get to look closely at his little round face and see that it's sort of losing its roundness and instead is getting a few hard edges that weren't there before. I see that he needs a haircut and that he is for sure getting taller rather than rounder and that many of his shirts are resembling belly shirts these days. I get to hear his soft little snore and I get to snuggle him close, because now he can't fight me and bury my face into the back of his neck and breath deep. These days are not going to last long. He is getting so big. It was around this time two years ago that Maizey stopped napping. It was a big adjustment for all of us. I'm not ready for Buddy to stop, I like the quiet for an hour or two in the afternoon and he is a complete beast if he doesn't get the rest. But now I'm also not ready because I like this quiet time we are spending together where I am noticing things that I haven't had a chance to notice in so long and if I am being honest, I am just plain and simple, going to be a wee bit sad when this ends. 

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bedtime Monster

So, I might have done something that will for sure not win me the Mother Of The Year Award.
 Ok, I definitely did.

Yesterday in a desperate attempt to get Jace to fall asleep for a nap, while semi-restraining him in my arms on my bed, I told him that if he got out of bed again, he would turn into a monster. A MONSTER?? he asked. I went into great detail about why that would be so sad - because monsters have to live in caves way up high in the mountains. How they don't have toys to play with. How it's cold up there. How much we would miss him. Blah blah blah. It worked. He calmed down enough to fall asleep while still wrapped lovingly, and very tightly so as not to bust loose, in my arms. Perfect, this will be the new way I get him to go to sleep I said to myself while casually patting myself on the back. That's one for me.

So last night, it wound up being a late night because, yay me - I got him to have a long nap. (wait, that didn't seem so much like a win anymore.) It was okay, we were busy putting together a new bed we had bought for their room and they were super into the Tinker Bell movie we put on to keep them out of view of the fight that was sure to ensue when putting together a piece of Ikea (type) furniture as a couple. It was 9:15 by the time we were putting them down and it was wayyyy past their bedtime. The crying reminded us of that very fact. Anyways, we got them tucked in, and I leaned in to snuggle Buddy and casually remind him what would happen if he got out of bed. This time I maybe added a little more. Like, that if he got out of bed, an evil witch would turn him into the monster. And we all know that you don't want to fuck with an evil witch, right? Even a two year old knows that. So, he rolled over, snuggled his back into me and was asleep in literally seconds. Again, with the pat on the back. I am soooo winning. I climbed up onto Maizeys new bed to snuggle her quickly when out of nowhere up the ladder comes Jace, vibrating. He climbs over us, gets under her covers and is asleep in seconds again. What the hell was that? I wondered. Oh well, he's asleep. I got Maizey settled down and left their room. I don't know, maybe five minutes of peaceful silence went by before an absolutely terrified scream came from their room. Thats weird, we said to each other. Brian went to see what was going on and was gone a long time. He came back with a story about how he's never seen Jace like that before. He seemed like he was terrified of something. He leapt at me off of Maizeys bed with no regard to falling or me catching him. And he was kind of shaking. I don't know what that was all about, but I snuggled him and got him calmed down and he fell asleep again in his own bed. Maizey said she tried to help him, but he was just screaming and screaming. I knew. I knew what the problem was, but I wasn't just going to say what I had done. I mean, I wasn't like, 100% positive. It could have been any number of reasons that he was so scared. Awhile later, I tried to act as though I had just remembered, I casually mentioned what I had done to get him to go to sleep earlier and that maybe I had done it again tonight, and that maybe I had added an evil witch. Brian gave me the look. You know, the one that says that was so stupid of you. There were very few words exchanged over it.

Cut to tonight. Buddy remembers and he is afraid. He climbed straight into bed, he snuggled down, he whispered to me no witch mama, no monster. His eyes were darting around nervously and every sound Maizeys bed made above him, had him snuggling down further under his covers. He didn't take his hand off my arm, he barely moved. You guys, he is seriously afraid. I whispered that there is no witch, it was just pretend, he won't turn into a monster, it was just to be *ahem* funny. He didn't believe me, or maybe he did, but he still didn't get out of bed. He called me to ask if he could go to the bathroom, which has never happened, ever.

I feel bad. I won't say it anymore. I don't want him to be afraid of going to bed. At least, not THAT afraid. But I do want him to go to bed and stay there. I don't want him to come upstairs a million times every night and get into trouble almost that many. I don't want him to need 75 drinks and to go to the bathroom 15 times in one hour. I know it's all fake just to get to keep coming up. I want him to go to bed at 7:30 and go to sleep. He's tired. But he's wired and he has a hard to settling down. We've tried reading many many calming stories before bed, having a warm bath, watching some tv, snuggling with him, locking his door, leaving a lamp on, singing songs. Putting Maizey to bed first. Putting him to bed first. I'm out of ideas. Our (my) new tactic won't work. I mean, it will, but at what expense?! Our old ways stopped working. All of the in-between ways didn't seem to be much better. I'm getting to the end of my rope. I am losing my mind having him stay up until 8:30-9:00-9:30 every night and then get up at 6:00 every morning, at the latest. I feel like I am not getting enough time to decompress at night. I need some quiet time, those two hours every night are literally the only silence I get all day. I'm desperate for this stage to pass and bed time to get easy again. I don't want him to turn into a monster, I just want him to stop acting like one.