Tuesday, June 9, 2015

That Time Two Months Went By And I Barely Noticed

I basically just need to remember that if I say my plan out loud, the universe, or more accurately my children, make sure it won't happen. Which is why I am currently twitching slightly, licking boursin cheese straight from the foil wrapper and chugging wine. I'm pretty much at the end of my rope for today because it's 8:40 and only 33.3% of my children are sleeping despite the fact that I started bedtime over two hours ago.
I see it's been almost two months since I last posted here. Really, nothing interesting has happened, and there were no mile stones met by our baby any ways, so who cares, right? Just kidding. Lots happened and she pretty much broke down every single eight month old barrier there is, which is probably why I haven't had time to write anything down. Because I've been too busy trying to trap her back into that eight month old box she should be in, where she barely does the army crawl, eats only purees, and has no idea what stairs are, let alone climbs them.
Super quick bullet point post about our current situation, because by then I will have probably heard all the screaming I can handle and I will need to go back to the oven that is the upstairs to say one more time IF YOU DON'T GO TO SLEEP RIGHT NOW I DONT KNOW WHATS GOING TO HAPPEN BUT IT'S GOING TO BE BAD I SWEAR. and then I will have to pick up the baby and rock her sweaty body to sleep, just like I have done every single night since October 7th, 2014.

Superb crawler.
Stair climber extraordinaire.
Loves food and gets annoyed if she does not have her own spoon to help with.
Giggles at the mere sight of Jace and Maizey but barely breaks a smile for anyone or anything else.
Except sometimes when I blow raspberries on her belly. But only if she's in the mood.
Hates going to sleep.
Loves staying asleep once she's finally there.
Crankiest teether in the history of ever.
Still almost no hair.
Snuggly little lady.
Loves the bathroom.
Can bust out of the bumbo chair, which means it's no longer safe for me to take a shower.
Confinement? oh hell no.
I'm not sure, but I think she says bye-bye. It's hard to tell. but definitely sometimes waves bye.
8 months old and clocking in at 16 pounds of pure determination. Nobody puts Winnie in a corner.
Currently goes by the nicknames Winnie the pooh, Lady and Ladybug.


Cantaloupe addict.
Kinda lazy.
Working on using words rather than his body to get his point across. Currently climbing out of a four month long battle of wills from hell.  We are getting there.
Not a swim suit fan, so most days uses the pool in the buff.
Run biker. But I am confident if he would TRY, he would ride a two wheeler no problem.
Always hungry.
Obsessed with playing air guitar and singing A Guy Walks Into A Bar.
Takes a million selfies on my phone.
Wakes up before the crack of dawn every day.
Lover of look and find books. And is basically a genius at them.


Missing three teeth at this moment with one more very loose. It's like looking at someone else.
Biking fanatic.
Always always always wants to go on one more walk, one more bike ride, one more trip to the park.
Wants friends over all day every day.
Makes herself breakfast every day. And will make it for anyone else as long as they would like toast with butter or peanut butter.
Not too familiar with other peoples person space right now. Needs to be constantly reminded that No, I would not like her to brush my eyelashes with her fingers.
For some reason, cries for our old house a lot these days. Not sure what that is about.
A big help in making sure Winnie doesn't put random floor things in her mouth.
Always willing to help me. Run for this - go get that - shut the gate - stop Winnie - go out and look for whatever. Ahhh, almost six year olds are a dream. Most of the time. wink wink.


At work literally every single day.
Desperate to sell our boat. (Do you want to buy it?! Just message me. haha)

Wine. Always wine.
oh, and now a proud bicycle owner. Its new, but looks old,. Her name is Lennie.

Its now 10:08 and one kid is still awake despite so many attempts at rocking. It's not awesome. She is very lucky she is so cute.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Tiny and Strong

This is the face of sheer determination and then pride.

My face is more like WTF? Stop it now. And, are you freaking kidding me, crawling? I can't. I just can't.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Winnie Turned Six Months. I Cried.

Dear Winnie,
Happy half birthday, sweet girl.
Where the heck have six months gone? I'm pretty sure I have only blinked a few times, and I know for sure that I have barely slept, yet here we are. Six months. Half a year is gone.
The last time I will have a six month old.
Literally every day I am torn between savoring every single one of these last moments with my last baby, and wishing it away. Wanting you to be bigger, older, doing more. The second I feel like that, I am torn back to wanting you to stay a baby forever, because god damn it, I just really love babies. I just really love YOU as a baby.

You are so snuggly. You could just sit in my arms and on my lap all day. You love to fall asleep laying on my chest and if I put my face up close to yours you gently lean in so we are face to face. If I had to pick one thing to keep forever, it would be the snuggling.
You started out so big and now you are so tiny. Barely breaking the 15th percentile. A whopping 13lbs 12 ounces yesterday at you six month appointment. So tiny, so sweet.
You started eating solid food last week and you're pretty so-so about it so far. You couldn't seem to care less. It's not that you are refusing to eat, it's just... you're like meh, I will just open my mouth this tiny bit, see how much you can get in. I think it's all the distractions. Maybe I should start feeding you when no one else is around.
You roll over like a champ and definitely prefer to be on your belly pushed up on your arms, looking around. You can spin around and push yourself around on the floor. I don't think it's super intentional yet, but the strength is there, so I imagine it's coming soon. You started sitting up with little to no assistance just this past weekend and are getting sturdier and sturdier every day. You also prefer to sleep on your belly (and only in your crib. theres barely a carseat nap to be had these days), you roll yourself over in the night and sleep wayyyy more soundly. You are still the quiestest sleeper in the history of ever and it continues to freak me the freak out. It's not normal Winnie, people make sounds when they are sleeping, you know, like breathing sounds. WHERE ARE ALL THE BREATHING SOUNDS WINNIE? No, seriously?! But that leads to my next thought. What happened to all the glorious, wonderful, long, restful nights we used to have? What happened to you? To that? TO US? I gotta tell ya, this 3, 4, 5 times waking up at night? It's killing me. Stop it. Stop it now. Once? Twice even. But FIVE? How about no. Okay, glad we cleared that up.

You have two cute little bottom teeth and we have been patiently waiting for one on the top to cut through. Except it hasn't been patiently, it's been a lot of screaming and fevers and face rashes and crying. Some of the crying even comes from you. Anwyays, I've always hated that bitch the tooth fairy and now I hate her more. She makes you miserable. I hope it cuts through soon so you can go back to your happy self.
You currently love chewing on blankets, pulling my hair, gently touching my face and giggling when we surprise you. You formerly loved being carried on me, but surprisingly you have started to love the stroller too. You seem immune to noise because Jace screams literally in your ears (not on purpose, he's a loud talker) and you barely even blink. You don't love being left alone in a room and make it quite clear that we have done so. You don't like baths, but sure do love a shower.
You are so loved. It feels like you have been around forever. Maizey adores being a big sister to you, distracting you and holding you. She can make you happy most of the time and we often comment what a great sister she is. Jace also adores you, and besides the odd time that he gives you trouble for touching him, he likes to share his most sacred toys with you and climbs into your bed every morning just to check if you are awake, which you never are so he always wakes you up. It's equally infuriating and adorable. haha.
I want to remember these days with you. The way you look at me when I am feeding you and how even after you finish eating, you just like to lay across my lap in peace for awhile. The way you truly just need me (and a little bit daddy, but mostly just me). The way you smile and giggle and scream bloody murder. Your tiny little wrist creases,  and your deep and long thigh creases. Your raspberry blowing face, your ridiculously and beautifully long eye lashes and your bascically bald and perfectly round head. The way you are my last baby and I won't get these moments back and how precious this time with you really is.

Happy half birthday Winnie the pooh.
We cannot imagine our lives without you.
We love you. SO much.
Love, Mama and Daddy